An MRI of your head can investigate certain areas of your facial areas, including Ears, Eyes, Sinuses and Jaw.

A face MRI scan is an imaging procedure used to aid the diagnosis of many diseases and conditions involving bones, joints and soft tissues in the facial area. A face MRI may also be performed as a pre-operative procedure, as well as a post-surgical procedure to check on surgery results and healing progress.

While it is natural to feel nervous when your doctor requests an MRI scan for you, the more important thing to remember is that an MRI scan for face will be necessary to achieve peace of mind. As a result, your doctor will be able to rule out any suspected irregularities in your face or diagnose any condition so that you can immediately seek medical attention to improve treatment success.

Before the scan, there is usually no pre-laboratory preparations, such as fasting, that will be required. The MRI center staff will help you prepare for the scan.Depending on your doctor’s orders, you may be administered a special dye prior to MRI scanning which improves the quality of the scanned image. When undergoing an MRI of the face, expect to have a device worn over your head which serves to restrain movement of your face and neck throughout the procedure.

Some more specific reasons why a doctor may order an MRI for face scan are as follows:

  • To identify infections involving facial structures and soft tissues, including cellulitis, orbital infection, and osteomyelitis
  • To detect the presence of fillers and other foreign bodies
  • To determine the underlying cause of chronic pain on the face
  • To guide the placement of implants in the facial region
  • To detect tumours, including neurosarcoma
  • To aid in the differential diagnosis of cancers, tumours, and infections involving the face, including basal cell carcinoma
  • To determine the degree of progress of any known malignancy located on the face
  • To ascertain the occurrence of stroke and assess the extent of damage
  • To examine abscesses or any unusual sign of possible infection on the face
  • To assess the impact of trauma resulting from accidents or injuries
  • To investigate other facial structural anomalies
  • As a pre-procedure requirement for radiation therapy
  • As a pre-surgical preparation for tumour evaluation and removal
  • As a post-surgical procedure to check for bleeding and ensure proper healing of the area after undergoing surgery

It is also not unusual for a doctor to request an MRI face and neck scan instead of a face scan alone to check for the conditions listed above. Face MRI costs on average £200 up to £500 for private patients, and the procedure is covered by most private medical insurance providers.

MRI of face and neck is a completely non-invasive procedure. It does not entail exposure to radiation, unlike in a CT scan and x-ray procedure.

An MRI for face has limitations, however. In some cases, a front face MRI, since it utilises a magnetic field and radio waves, may not be able to show reliable results under the following conditions:

  • Where the foreign bodies involved are metallic, such as bullets, surgical tools, and other metallic objects
  • Where the patient has any metallic implants
  • Where a patient is wearing a pacemaker or defibrillator
  • Where pregnancy has been confirmed




£199per facial area

  • Same-day MRI appointment
    (subject to availability)
  • Bring a chaperone (family/friend)
  • Bring music of your choice (CD)
  • *Free* Radiologist Report Within 7 days


£249per facial area

  • Same-day MRI appointment
    (subject to availability)
  • Bring a chaperone (family/friend)
  • Bring music of your choice (CD)
  • Sub-Specialist Radiologist Report
    Within 2 working days

Why do I need a sub-specialist radiologist report?

A report by a sub-specialist means that the radiologist reporting on your scan is knowledgeable in the body area you are having scanned.


£299per facial area

  • Same-day MRI appointment
    (subject to availability)
  • Bring a chaperone (family/friend)
  • Bring music of your choice (CD)
  • Double Specialist Radiologist Report
    Within 2 working days

    Why do I need a double specialist radiologist report?

    A double report means that your MRI results will be examined by 2 consultant radiologists, who will compile 2 individual reports with their findings. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a second opinion.