An MRI of your head can investigate certain areas of your facial areas, including Ears, Eyes, Sinuses and Jaw.

Are you experiencing severe migraines at increasing intensity and frequency?

An MRI head scan for headaches can be helpful in determining the underlying cause. The image produced by an MRI scan shows a clear view of your skull structure as well as the nerves and soft tissues of your brain. An MRI scan for the head may be necessary to help explain the underlying causes of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Sudden change in behavior
  • Loss of memory and other changes involving cognitive capability
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Extreme muscle weakness and limited movement
  • Visual impairment
  • Hearing loss
  • Seizures

An MRI scan of the head takes approximately 30 minutes up to an hour to complete. You may or may not be injected with contrast, depending on your physician’s request. Private MRI head scan cost in the UK can increase if you need your results immediately.

An MRI scan of the head is often used to rule out or confirm the presence of certain conditions requiring medical attention, such as the following:

  • Stroke. A diffusion MRI scan of the head improves the accuracy of detecting stroke and shows the extent of damage caused when performed within the first 12 hours after symptoms are experienced.
  • Blood clots. Other than blockages in your veins, a head MRI can also show bleeding outside of the veins caused by these clots.
  • Cerebral Aneurysm. MRI shows bulges in the vein where a brain aneurysm is present
  • Infections. An MRI scan can detect abscess, as well as meningitis, and infections involving the ears and eyes.
  • Brain tumors. An MRI not only identifies the specific location of a tumor but also, measure its size. In some cases, an MRI scan of the head and neck or an MRI scan of the spine may also be necessary, depending on the location of the tumor.
  • Brain hemorrhage. With marked improvements in Head MRI modern sequencing, even acute hemorrhage can be detected using an MRI scan.
  • Eye and ear disorders. MRI of the head can help in investigating the inner​ ear structures and optic nerves to detect vestibular disorders and inflamed optic nerves, among others.
  • Swelling of brain tissues. An MRI can help rule out or confirm cerebral edema.
  • Brain tissue damage or loss. One of the most important uses of a head MRI scan is to show the extent of brain damage over time, particularly among stroke patients and those who suffered from a brain injury.
  • Multiple sclerosis. When diagnosing for this condition, doctors typically order a spine and brain MRI scan to check for lesions.
  • Brain injury. Other than showing damage, a head MRI can also help identify brain atrophy over time

A Head MRI scan is also useful for examining damage to the skull, hydrocephalus, and other abnormalities and developmental issues. MRI scans of the head also show neuro markers that facilitate a more accurate and early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental disorders.

A head MRI scan may also be repeated if your doctor identifies certain anomalies that require additional views of more specific parts or sections of your brain or skull. This may be used for differential diagnosis which improves the accuracy of the reading and treatment your physician will prescribe.

An MRI scan headache or any other side effect should not be expected after undergoing the procedure. There is no downtime and, thus, limiting daily activities will not be necessary.




£199per area

  • Same-day MRI appointment
    (subject to availability)
  • Bring a chaperone (family/friend)
  • Bring music of your choice (CD)
  • *Free* Radiologist Report Within 7 days


£249per area

  • Same-day MRI appointment
    (subject to availability)
  • Bring a chaperone (family/friend)
  • Bring music of your choice (CD)
  • Sub-Specialist Radiologist Report
    Within 2 working days

    Why do I need a sub-specialist radiologist report?

    A report by a sub-specialist means that the radiologist reporting on your scan is knowledgeable in the body area you are having scanned.


£299per area

  • Same-day MRI appointment
    (subject to availability)
  • Bring a chaperone (family/friend)
  • Bring music of your choice (CD)
  • Double Specialist Radiologist Report
    Within 2 working days

    Why do I need a double specialist radiologist report?

    A double report means that your MRI results will be examined by 2 consultant radiologists, who will compile 2 individual reports with their findings. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a second opinion.